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Ancient Empire: Strike Back

Ancient Empire: Strike Back

Turn-based strategy. Port of the original game "Ancient Empires II".

"Ancient Empire: Strike Back" is a thrilling strategy game that lets you control King Galamar and his brother Valadorn as they fight to protect their kingdom from evil.

Ancient Empires

Ancient Empires

Turn-based strategy. Port of the original game "Ancient Empires".

The game takes place in a fantasy medieval kingdom of Thorin ruled by the benevolent King Galamar.

The game begins with Galamar barely escaping a bloody coup by his younger brother Valadorn, who has taken control of the kingdom and declared a hunt on his brother.

Logic and Wit

Logic and Wit

The best application for developing logic skills and reasoning. Contains a lot of brain riddles, questions and puzzles for thinking, varying in difficulty levels. Improve your mentality with several hundreds of riddles divided into logic groups that contain matchstick, detective, logic, funny, mystery, picture riddles and a lot more.

Special category for interview questions, where we collect riddles used for interviewing in such companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon and others. Application is constantly updating.

Check your intellectual abilities! Solve puzzles, enjoy your time!

  1. No in-app purchase.
  2. Does NOT require Internet connection.

1001 Tangram puzzles

1001 tangram

Tangram is the most popular puzzle game in China and all over the world. The game is about the construction of a figure while you are limited by seven pieces of it, which are called tans. Important is that tans cannot overlap each other.

Right now the application contains 1001 tasks, split to sections. 9 beautiful textures for tangram and two game modes - simple and hard obviously.


  • English.
  • Russian.

Аудиосказки с картинками

Аудиосказки с картинками

Наши аудиосказки подарят Вашему малышу всеми любимые народные и волшебные детские сказки. А великолепные и яркие иллюстрации порадуют Вашего ребёнка и подарят ему улыбку на весь день.

Ваш ребёнок сможет свободно пользоваться библиотекой даже без помощи взрослых. При желании Вы можете заняться со своими детьми самостоятельным чтением сказок в нашем приложении.

Все сказки озвучены профессиональными актерами детских театров, а оригинальная музыка придаёт особый, неповторимый колорит каждой сказке.

Наши аудиосказки могут слушать дети любой возрастной категории, также как и их родителям будет интересно вспомнить сказки, которые когда то им читали их мамы и папы.

Мы уверены, что библиотека сказок подарит Вам и Вашим малышам много радостных мгновений и поможет привить детям любовь к книгам.

Who Eats What?

Who Eats What?

Everyone knows that children are very fond of animals. And this application will just acquaint the child with animals. The app contains over 30 different types of animals and their usual diet. The game is simple, the child will be able to fully understand it himself. The game has both domestic and wild animals. You can also click on the animal to make a sound, growl or meow.

Please leave your feedback and ratings, your opinion is very important to us.

Statlex: Preschool Quiz

Statlex: Preschool Quiz

Great 3 in 1 game to learn alphabets, digits and colors in a very funny and interactive way. Gameplay is build on a quiz mode - application asks to find a particular digit, letter or color and you are to find the correct one. The more points you'll earn - the better. Great for Phonics.


  1. 3 levels of education, from easier to advanced.
  2. Contain sounds for all letters, digits and colors.
  3. Great for Educators and Therapist to help with language and pre-reading.
  4. Can be used as a hand-book for those who learn foreign languages.
  5. Learn in 7 languages: English, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, German, Italian, Arabic.

Statlex: Improve Kids Logic and Critical Thinking

Statlex: Improve Kids Logic and Critical Thinking

Everybody knows that kids love to play games. So, why don't play games that help our kids become smarter? Kids love challenges, love to win and love logic games! Statlex Kids Logic is number one to start with! We have different logic challenges, more than 100 different objects in gameplay and over 50 brainy questions. Children can learn logic with our game that stretches their brain muscle in directions you never even knew.

With Statlex Kids Logic your child will:

  1. Recognize patterns and build pattern sequences.
  2. Recognize objects and identify missing pieces.
  3. Find differences among similar objects.
  4. Learn to combine similar objects into logic groups.
  5. Learn to find logic mistakes.
  6. Improve attention and pacience and a lot more qualities!

Want your kids to make you happy with their high brain level? Want your kids to improve their level of logic and critical thinking? Want to see their winning smiles? Proved that Statlex Kids Logic and Critical Thinking will help you with that!

Statlex: Make Your Child Math Genius

Statlex: Make Your Child Math Genius

Proved that math skills are essential in our life. Everything starts from math, let it be shopping or business.

Digits are everywhere and thus our essence role is to help our little kids learn them! With Statlex Kid Math your child will place digits in chronological order and learn basic math operations in funny, interactive and easy-going way! It is fantastic app for reinforcing core math concepts with visual tracking benefits thrown in.

We have 6 game modes with learning and training abilities, more than 40 animated pictures displaying math concepts, arithmetic tests, 4 languages, digits spelling sounds and a range of happy users!

The following languages are available in the game: English, German, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Russian.

Валютный Справочник

Currency Reference

Валютный Справочник - интересно и познавательно.

Логика и Смекалка

Логика и Смекалка

Самое лучшее приложение для развития логики и смекалки. В приложении несколько сот логических задач и вопросов.

Проверьте свои интеллектуальные способности!

Приложение регулярно обновляется и поэтому никогда не надоест. Подойдёт как детям, так и взрослым.

  1. Без внутренних платежей.
  2. Не требует интернет соединения.
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